4th Amendment of the United States of America, Bill of Rights

The central issue of an election Is a moral issue. Who are we as Americans? Are we citizens who together to form a great nation? Or are we isolated individuals, with no commitments to each other, at the mercy of corporations whose central goal is their short-term profit.

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Former site: http://weiser.com as of 5/2012

The former site is no longer updated *

*I have never explained the reason for the closing of my almost 25 year Gateway/Blog it was started prior to the publics Internet access as a 2 landline 3 server BBS Bulletin Board System in 1989. My intention was to create a Gateway to alternative (both right and left wing) mostly left sources of alternative websites. As the main stream press was and still does ignore many differing views. Fortunately many of these sites from Drudge, Democracy Now etc are known, and with the explosion of political Internet Blogs, Social Networking, the need was no longer necessary, far better writers and better funded sites finally arrived.

Secondly and I think more importantly I became paranoid about being as visible online. Now with the current revelations of total communication taps, ISP back doors etc. I see my fears where justified. Our great Democratic, Republic is crumbling in front of our eyes and a Fascistic/Police State has supplanted it. Our election process is just a corrupt money funded pacifier for the general public.

There is a test to see if a Pig is properly cooked you stick a fork in it if no blood is seen chances are it done. From that test came a saying "Stick a fork in it It's done" Well stick a fork in this old war horse I'm done! If the people of our country continue to allow this abomination to continue it's on your heads not mine as I gave it my best shot...

Barry Weiser